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ENS Federal Report – April 13, 2018

Congress Returns to Work and the D.C. Political Vortex Swirls to New Levels Within days of returning from its Spring Recess, one of the most speculated re-election bids in Washington became known when Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) announced his retirement from Congress at the end of the year.  The immediate question is

ENS Federal Report – March 23, 2018

Congress Avoids Government Shut-Down; Approves Budget Rebuffing Administration Austerity Priority Weeks of negotiations between the House and Senate budget leadership culminated in bipartisan passage of the fiscal year 2018 Omnibus Spending legislation, H.R. 1625.  The bill’s passage reversed an Administration effort to seek $54 billion in domestic spending cuts and instead approved $117 billion more

ENS Federal Report – March 16, 2018

Shutdown Fears Downplayed, But the Clock is Ticking Down to Hours to Strike a Funding Deal On March 23, the federal government faces the prospect of a third shutdown as Congress struggles to fashion a final compromise on the Fiscal Year 2018 spending bill to fund governmental programs through September 30, 2018.  Another governmental shutdown

ENS Federal Report – March 9, 2018

Omnibus Spending Package Negotiators Working to Reach Finish Line Disagreement over several contentious policy riders has complicated the path to completing a $1.3 trillion fiscal year 2018 omnibus spending bill.  The standoff has raised a red flag over the prospect of completing action on the must do spending bill by March 23, when the current

ENS Federal Report – February 16, 2018

White House Unveils Infrastructure Proposal This week, the White House released a 10-year, $1.5 trillion infrastructure proposal that seeks to dramatically shift the way in which the nation funds its long-term infrastructure needs.  The proposed budget was a drafted before the agreement to raise spending caps was enacted.  Therefore, the proposed budget fails to account